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Hello!  My name is Dawn Newborn-Cook.  I am a child of abuse.  I was abused from age 6-13 by a family friend that happened to be the Police Chief of a neighboring town.  At age 13, I testified and the man was placed behind bars.  The shame and anxiety that comes with abuse is huge and hard for many to overcome.  I was able to beat becoming a statistic because God saved me.  He loved me unconditionally.  NOW fast forward to today. I want to pay forward what I have learned about myself to help other children raise their self esteem and reach their life long goals.   


I am a mother of 3 and a successful business woman.  You can visit my website to learn about what I do for a living.


Our Mission: 


To identify a child that has been placed in foster care that has dealt with Sexual abuse. 


To ask for a week from the court to get new haircuts and styles, wardrobe and supplies before placing children in new school. I feel this is important to help them with the shame associated with abuse.  Let's let them be the best they can be.  


To mentor and encourage them. We want the children to know they decide on their future and their success matters to us.  


TOGETHER, we can help them reach their dreams.   





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