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Dawn's story is filled all emotions.  Her story will allow each student to relate to her real life experiences that they may be living today.  Dawn was suppose to be a statistic. She is a surviving child of abuse. She is a mother and successful business owner.  She has found success in her "can do" attitude and desire to succeed. "Can Do" starts on the inside. Each child has what is needed inside. Dawn will tap into that emotion deep within to inspire and motivate.  Her influence will make each child think and know what to do. She found her influence from John Maxwell and Tony Robbins over the last 15 years.  

Her life goal is to inspire our youth to reach for the stars. 

Her presence is magnetic and inspiring. She is not only going to inspire but teach small tricks to succeed.  


Topics & Fees

Academic Success, Character Education, Leadership Development, Motivation/Inspiration, Digital Citizenship,  Student Success, Just to name a few. 


Book Dawn for your next Youth Rally! 

I would LOVE to Speak to your Children

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